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Informatie over Dassie

These small diurnal mammals live on rocky hills and outcrops where they depend upon natural cavities for shelter and protection from predators such as birds of prey or leopards. Even though dassies are active during the day, they spend most of this “active” time doing absolutely nothing in order to conserve energy. Dassies are very sociable creatures. They tend to live in large groups of up to 80 dassies.

Interessante feiten over Dassie

A dassie can also be referred to as a Rock Hyrax.

The dassie is the closest living relative of the largest land mammal, the African elephant.

Dassies communicate using a wide range of sounds including growls, squeals and snorts

Foto's van Dassie

Tsitsikamma National Park Dassie
Waterberg Plateau National Park Namibia

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