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Mahango National Park

Geniet van een gamedrive in Mahango Game Reserve

Speur naar olifanten, buffels en meer

Informatie over Gamedrive in Mahango

Enjoy a gamedrive in the lush bushveld of Mahango Game Reserve! This park consists mainly of two parts: the bushland which is located in the west, and the "water front" which is located east along the Okavango river. Mahango is home to a lot of wildlife, so keep binoculars and camera's close by! We might be so lucky to spot a large herd of buffalo, some of the rare antelope species that live here, or even predators like lions.

Interessante feiten over Gamedrive in Mahango

The Mahango National Park has merged, together with the Caprivi Game Park, in the Bwabwata National Park, that was set up in 2007.

In the park there are 4 of the famous Big 5, missing only the rhino, while they are relatively easy to spot elephants and buffaloes; for what concerns lions and leopards instead, they are present inside the park, but they are harder to spot.

The river bank is also the habitat of many species of birds, the area is defined as an important oasis by BirdLife International, as about two-thirds of the bird species found in Namibia have their home in this area.

Foto's van Gamedrive in Mahango

Mahango National Park
Nile Crocodiles
Pied Kingfisher

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