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Informatie over Brandberg, Damaraland

The Brandberg Mountain Range– or just the Brandberg – is situated in the Erongo region in the west of Namibia about 90 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain range has a mean height of 2500 metres and impressively surmounts its surrounding by some 2000 meters.

Interessante feiten over Brandberg, Damaraland

The best known rock painting, the White Lady, was discovered in 1917 by Reinhard Maack, who was the first European to climb up to the Königstein.

The highest elevation within the Brandberg Mountain Range is the Königsstein, which with its 2573m is the highest mountain of Namibia.

The name of the 30 km long and 23 km wide Brandberg derives from the glowing colours that the setting sun paints onto the mountain range as if the mountain was on fire.

Foto's van Brandberg, Damaraland

Brandberg White Lady Lodge
Brandberg White Lady Lodge
Brandberg, Damaraland

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